Are you ready to experience an abundant reality, inner peace, a deep sense of joy, and meaning?
shulamit-elson-soundprayer-medisoundsShulamit Elson, a renowned sound meditation teacher, works with individuals, groups and corporations, providing effective tools and teachings to enhance creativity, self-worth and well-being.
Through Shulamit's leading-edge Medisounds® meditation processes, you will learn to:

• Reduce stress;
• Find your inner compass, and reconnect with your unique purpose;
• Generate compassion to yourself and others, improving relationships and bringing self knowledge;
• Joyfully work, play, love without retreating from the world or following a guru.
If you are ready to change yourself and your world, contact Shulamit  to learn how Medisounds can enrich your life.

The MediSounds® Meditation Process consists of the vocalization of specific sounds made with the heart’s intention. Through its combinations of sounds directed toward our bodies and its various energy centers, it brings to consciousness the conflicts and issues that block our progress and speeds our awakening and our healing. ...Read more ...

The Great Octave Foundation® brings the benefits of the SoundPrayer and MediSounds processes to groups of individuals seeking relief from trauma and illness. Click here to visit the Great Octave website.

Controlling stress means detaching from the stressors arising from inside as well as outside of us. Not every stressor is of equal value. Some demands are “noisy” and seem important, but aren’t. Nevertheless they can drain us. Detachment allows us to see clearly and think and act with a minimum expenditure of energy. We can then be decisive and effective. Read more ...